10 January 2021


By John Ollis

On the 2nd January I wrote a blog entitled TRANSITIONS and followed it up a couple of days later with TRANSITIONS (2). In the first blog I listed my goals and plans for 2021, including raising up 10 MENTOR/TRAINERS.

Some friends have suggested that is a huge and perhaps impractical number, and they sure may be right, I am so conscious that the days ahead for me, are hugely less that what is behind me, and I want to raise up successors. It is not my intention to invite people to let me train and raise them up, it will have to be the Holy Spirit prompting them to connect with me.

What I plan to do in this blog is simple define what I would do and what I would expect of anyone who wanted to walk down this path. Let me spell out again my definition of a Disciple-maker/Mentor.

He is someone who walks with a new Believer (or a potential ministry) FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKES UNTIL THE RESULTS ARE CLEARLY EVIDENT. I wonder then if the connection ever stops as there would have been a developing relationship during this possibly extended time

The goal of Disciple-making is to see the new new Believer himself when discipled become a Disciple-maker himself. In relation to Ministry, the Mentor/Trainer needs to be an established (or growing) Ministry, who like Paul takes a Timothy or a Titus and walks with him and be available to him until the ministry develops and shows Kingdom fruit. Both roles are time consuming, and takes long term commitment, I would personally need to walk with them to to see the foundations that I believe are essential in Biblical Discipleship and Mentoring.

So how many of my goal of 10 are Disciple-Makers or Mentors will happen I know not, I ask for your prayers and wisdom and guidance over this year.